Thursday, June 17, 2010

Letter from Myanmar

Dear My Friend,

My parents are NLD and I was member of DPNS in 1988. It seems that
being part of the opposition is in my genes and in my blood. I was
greatly disappointed by the decision of the NLD to boycott the
elections, although I understand the emotional and political stand of
this very difficult decision. Nonetheless, I will stand behind the
lady throughout my life, she is my only hero. I have never seen
someone like her in my life. Her honesty, beliefs, stands, scarifies,
braveness, and courage for this country is second to none. She is the
great national hero of our age and she will always be our national
hero no matter who says what. But she has been isolated from ordinary
people for such a long time; I do not think she can make the right
decisions from so long an exile in her home.

I think the NLD made a big mistake because no one in Burma can come
out on the street and demonstrate for them, since they are not
engaging in the political process. Of course the entire process is
corrupt but still we must work with it from the inside, not by
isolating ourselves from it. I wish some NLD members could be in
Parliament and speak out against the unfairness of this regime. I know
that people would be behind any Parliament member who would bravely
speak out for lawfulness, fairness and to change the constitution. Now
no member of the NLD can possibly be in parliament so there will only
be pro regime thugs and I no longer see the end of the Than Shwe era.
I think we have lost NLD forever. Forgetful Burmese may not remember
half of NLD in three years. It’s a terrible development.

After 20 years of standing with the opposition, I realize that the
future of this country is going nowhere. My country is still a slave
pool for neighboring states, and people die unnecessarily of easily
curable diseases. Fifty percent of people die half way through their
life span, and the younger generation is trying to leave this country.
Corruption is worsening each day. This military regime is the worst of
my lifetime and if I could I would end it with a blink of my eye, but
this will not happen. The opposition, including me, within Burma or in
exile has failed to bring freedom to this country in 20 years.

This failure makes me realize it is time to evolve. I was pro
sanctions for many years but now I have great doubts that sanctions
can ever achieve freedom for Burma. If the regime does nothing for
this country and people of this country have no means to fight them
back, the best way for us would be lifting the sanction. It’s the
only humanitarian thing to do.

I used to blindly say NO to anything this regime stood for, and always
sided with the NLD. But I now accept that sanctions are only hurting
the ordinary Burmese people, not the government. I now know changes
will come only when enough educated people with enough opportunities
exist in my country. In order to get enough education and enough
opportunities to the Burmese people, to change this country in 5-10
years, what we now need is the lifting of sanctions. I no longer want
to waste precious time and opportunity.

We should all consider whether the waste of lives and opportunities in
Burma are not only the fault of the regime, but that the world body is
also to blame. In order to evolve we must join the world body. We all
know that the real changing force is inside the country, that it will
come from the people, and the rest of the world should give us equal
opportunities by lifting sanctions. This will bring about change in
the shortest possible time frame.

I know you love this country, and the innocent, friendly people of
Burma. I greatly respect the work you have done for us so far. I hope
you will do everything in your power to help us change.

Your beloved friend!

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